Beginner Wood Working Projects That You Can Do On Your Own

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Wood work is not an easy feat, and especially for beginners. One needs a certain set of skills to be able to create something appealing. The fastest and best way a beginner wood worker will advance themselves is if they acquire more knowledge and skills in this area.

Basic tools for a wood working beginner
There are some basic tools that one needs to have to begin with this craft. There are also some basic skills that one should begin with before they indulge in the more sophisticated skills. Some basic tools to have a wood work beginner are; a drill, either cordless or electric, a jigsaw and a circular saw, a bench top table saw. Other tools are; a random orbit sander and a plunge router that contains a basic assortment of bits.

Basic skills for a wood working beginner
1. Cutting
Circular saws, jigsaw and handsaws should be used here. A beginner should thoroughly practice on how to do great cuts.
Circular saws are known as heavy duty saws. They are used for long cuts on large equipment and are perfect for super straight lines. These can be a bit hectic for a beginner, but with time, one can be able to master the skills required and in turn excel.
Handsaws are used for small quick cuts that are not required to be straight. These are of course non-powered and one will need to use some muscle power. In this case, one needs to know that they will use a different saw for different materials.
Jigsaws can do it all and are the most commonly used. They usually have a reciprocating blade. These are used to make all sorts of cuts, and especially the oddly shaped ones.

2. Hole drilling
This is another basic technique that a beginner needs to master. This is a simple task. A cordless drill can be used anywhere at any corner so it is better to use this. They are also quite affordable. They are used to screw in large holes in different materials. An electric drill is quite explanatory.

3. Screw jobs
Know how to screw together wooden materials. There are wood screws especially designed for wooden materials. There are also wall screws, machine screws, metal screws. It is imperative that one gets to know the difference between all these screws. The right screw can save a lot for any beginner woodworking projects.

4. Painting techniques
There are two types of paints, oil based paints and water based paints. These terms are pretty self explanatory, but there are a couple of things that one needs to acknowledge. Oil based paints are more adhesive to the surface but it becomes hectic during clean up sessions. Water based paints, also known as latex paints are used for general purposes and are easy to clean up. It also stays longer.

5. Sanding techniques
This is the second to last process, which comes before painting. One needs to master the craftsmanship of sanding surfaces perfectly. Sandpaper is used in this instance.

Beginner woodworking projects
– Simple storage box or pallet shelf
– Cutting and chopping boards
– A woodworkers bench
– A boomerang
– A cup, candle or cigar holder or a whine rack
– Wooden wall, stand-alone art or birds house

These are simple wood working projects that you can easily do at home. The good news is that you do not need an expert or professional because you can handle the projects yourself.


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